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The Atlanta Braves should still be furious over the insane call on Sunday that cost them in a huge showdown with the Philadelphia Phillies.  Atlanta Braves

Ronald Acuna had two special fans in the stands at Truist Park to watch him and the Braves on Friday night.

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Manager Tony La Russa doesn't think so, plenty confident that a relief corps loaded with power arms will be just fine, and it's not at all difficult to envision a future in which he's right.

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Entering Saturday’s game, Mancini had recorded three RBI on five hits, two of which were doubles. Kansas City Royals
Custom Made MLB Picture Puzzles

"We have to continue to challenge ourselves and hold ourselves accountable to a high level, playing a winning style of baseball and holding ourselves accountable when we make mistakes," Hinch said. "We have plenty to work on and take away to make us better moving forward." Minnesota Twins

The Red Sox offense was largely lifeless through the first few games of the season, but there have been two constants for them during their first seven games.

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