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“It was a right feel,” Carson said. “I prayed about it, me and my family talked about it, and we just knew Seattle was the right fit.” Washington Redskins (Football Team) Pillow Case

The Chicago Bears may draft a quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft, but if they do, it’s unlikely it’ll be this signal-caller. Carolina Panthers Pillow Case

For the upcoming NFL draft, the Rams have converted a 9,000 square-foot Malibu mansion with an infinity pool and sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean into their draft headquarters.

But apparently the Eagles aren’t as safe at No. 12 as we all thought, at least according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, who says there’s a legitimate shot this could be the year Gettleman bucks the trend and moves down the draft board. Cleveland Browns Pillow Case

"As I'm preparing my clients, I'm often thinking through what questions I would cross-examine the victim with," Simpson Tuegel said, "and trying to deal with those issues and think through what answers it, corroborates it or gives me peace that this person is telling the truth. That's my initial vetting process."

Campbell was signed last offseason as a complement to Hicks and, all things considered, he fulfilled that role. However, he missed his fair share of tackles (11.6%) and was inconsistent in coverage. He remains a free agent, and Arizona likely has opted to move on from him in order to give more playing time to their 2020 first-round pick, Isaiah Simmons, who is next.

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Personalised Photo NFL Pillow Cases

In June, the USSF's board of directors, which governs the day-to-day affairs of the federation, repealed the policy that banned players from kneeling during the national anthem -- a decision that was formally enacted by the USSF National Council (the organization's voting membership) in February. The vote did not come without controversy, as then-Athletes Council member Seth Jahn engaged in incendiary remarks in which he minimized the impact of slavery and called incidents of police brutality as it relates to the Black community "a statistical anomaly." Jahn was subsequently removed from his position by other members of the council. Kansas City Chiefs Pillow Case

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