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Billy Ray Reddick, a former teammate at Madison County High School and one of Hayes’ closest friends, has remained in contact with Hayes and other high school teammates through a group text chat. San Francisco 49ers Pillow Case

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Feel free to add on the fact the Bengals love three-wideout sets and Chase is wildly elite in YAC stats. Never mind that after implementing a ton of LSU concepts in the offense last year, the Bengals went out and added another former Joe Burrow teammate on waivers recently with tight end Thaddeus Moss.

Chauvin faces a 40-year maximum sentence for the second-degree unintentional murder conviction, a 25-year sentence for third-degree murder and a 10-year sentence for second-degree manslaughter. Chauvin's bail was immediately revoked, and his sentencing will be in eight weeks. Jacksonville Jaguars Pillow Case

Meinerz has the requisite size and length to be a center, which seems to be where most teams are projecting him. If one week of practices at the Senior Bowl revealed that he has a high and coachable ceiling, there’s a chance someone takes a stab at him late in the second round or early in the third. One AFC GM said Meinerz reminded him of another very successful Division III prospect — Tampa Bay Buccaneers guard Ali Marpet. If that’s an accurate comparison, Meinerz is going to make someone very happy.

“Importantly, even as we identify reasons for hope, we must continue to help move our society toward a more equal and just tomorrow. We are proud to partner with NFL players and clubs and remain committed to do the important work needed to make positive change in our society.” Dallas Cowboys Pillow Case

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Lost: P Corey Bojorquez, TE Tyler Kroft, OT Ty Nsekhe, KR/WR Andre Roberts, OL Brian Winters Los Angeles Rams Pillow Case
Custom Made NFL Pillow Cases

And, yes, I’m amazed even more today than I was that day when I watched him unexpectedly cross the goal line.

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